Donate a Car to Charity Tips

You probably saw the commercials about donating a car on television, seen the ads online, or even heard that catchy tune about Donate Car to Charity on the radio.  With all the press and advertising that is being thrown around, what is a person to do when considering donating a car to charity?  Here are a few tips to help you on your way to make the right decision.

1.  Why Donate a Car to Charity?

When you want to donate a car to charity, the first thing to consider is why?  Are you considering the donation for YOUR financial reasons such as a good tax deduction?  Is it to get rid of the old junker that has been in the driveway for year?  Or is it to help an honest and good charity?  There are many reasons why individuals get involved with car donation programs.  Some do it for one reason, others do it for another, and still others do it for all the reasons mentioned above.  Question yourself:  Why will you donate a car to charity?

2.  What Charity would you like to HELP?

There are millions of charities in this country.  Which one really takes your breath away?  You need to start here and decide who you would like to support.  Maybe its the girl scouts, or even purple heart recipients, or helping humanity through cancer research.  There is no greater feeling than giving something such as a donation (in the form of a car, or of funds) to support the cause.  Decide on your charity of choice.

3.  What (Car, Truck, RV, Motorcycle) Do I want to Donate?

Are you looking to get rid of a used car or a junker.  The car donation programs will take just about anything off your hands.  You will need to decide just what you are looking to give up.  Reclaiming that used space by donating your car may be your main incentive to start the donation process.  However, it does not have to be the only reason for you to donate a car to charity.

4.  What deduction should I expect?

A typical car donation deduction is a minimum of $500 and can go up from there.  The car donation program will take any car and will sell it at a charity car auction.  The non-profit organization could provide you with an additional deduction if the car is sold much higher than the $500 minimum discount that was provided to you.  However, this can be worked out and discussed with the charitable organization.

5.  Are there any other Benefits?

Yes.  When you donate a car to charity, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a good cause that you can connect with.  You have contributed your part to humanity.

6.  Donate a Car to Charity – Is it Easy?

Yes.  You would call the non-profit organization, or contact them via their website or through their car donation programs and schedule a pick up.  The pick up can be setup within 24 hours.  You will then provide them with your keys (if you have them) and the title to the car.  They will provide you with your tax deduction and tow the car away so that you can reclaim your driveway or yard.


If you have an automobile, RV, Truck, Motorcycle, or anything else that may have some value, think of donating a car to charity.  You may as well help them in their mission and help you extend your hand to society.

Donate a Car to Charity today if you can.