Donate Motorcycle

Are you at the point of your life where you haven’t used your motorcycle in quite some time.  Maybe it due to your age, it’s age, or it just needs too much work before you can get it back on the road.  Well, where is it stored?  Probably in the garage, or on the side of the house taking up ALOT of space and becoming an eyesore to the neighborhood.  Is there anything you can do?  Yes.


Think of the benefits that can be obtained when you donate your motorcycle to charity.  You will be free of the clutter and finally purchase that home gym you were looking for.  You can get a tax deduction for donating the motorcycle to car donation programs all while helping a nonprofit succeed in their mission.

Think of that for a moment.  Your clutter, your junk (does not have to be junk), can actually do some good in the world again.  It may be just that time to re-evaluate your priorities in life and help out charities such as veterans, children, or purple heart recipients.

The process is as easy as one, two, three.

1.  Find the charity to take your motorcycle
2.  Contact the charity and schedule a time for pickup.
3.  Provide the title to the pickup agent and collect the deduction.

Do some good in the world and donate motorcycle to charity.

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