Donate Truck

How big is your truck?  Is it rusting, wasting away in your yard or driveway.  Think of the eyesore the truck is for the neighborhood, for you and for your spouse.  How would you like to get rid of your truck for free, get a discount on your taxes, AND help a good cause while doing so?  If your answer is yes to all three questions then.


If you donate your truck to charity, there are many benefits that you can receive.  Think about helping cancer research for children, feed the homeless, or leave it up to the goodwill car donation folks to decide how and where they can help.  You see the possibilities are endless.  Also, something to remember is when you give, you also receive.  This is in the form of a tax deduction.  However, there is always a car donation limit for your gift that you need to consider with the charity of choice.  To take advantage of all these benefits, you have to take the first step to donate truck to a good cause.

What happens to your donated truck?

More than likely, your truck will be sold at a charity car auction and then the money will be sent to the charity of choice.  The charity will benefit from the gift to do whatever it wants to further the outreaching efforts of the organization.  Sounds easy enough.  Well it is.  As long as you research the articles throughout this site and do your homework, you will realized that donating a truck to charity is a great alternative.  Please review the following articles to understand what it means to donate car to charity.


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