Donate Used or Junked

Do you have a fairly used car you are looking to get rid of?  What about a car that has been sitting in the driveway for the past 3 years that you just can’t seem to get rid of.  Now let’s face it.  You do not want to deal with selling it, or just can not sell it anywhere or anyhow.  What are your options?


That’s right.  Donate your car to charity.  The interesting thing about this process is that it does not matter if the car is gently used, or if it a junker that has been rusting for some time.  That’s right IT DOES NOT MATTER.  What that means is this.

2008 Ford Explorer – Donate Car
1989 Honda Accord – Donation Car
1998 Toyota Camry – Donate Car
1984 Toyota Supra – Donate Car
Unknown Rusting Auto – Donate Car.

Yes, you will get at least a $500 deduction for your taxes.  However, if the car goes to a charity car auction and is sold for much more, you may be able to get a larger donation.  The basic idea here is that any car that you are looking to get rid of whether it is used, or a piece of junk can still provide a valuable service to both you and the non-profit organization.

Please donate your used car today.

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