KQED Car Donation

KQED is not a cancer research center.  KQED is not an organization to help the homeless, or battered wives.  KQED does not provide services to orphanages.

What is KQED?

KQED is a public television station located in Northern California.  As you can imagine, Northern California is huge and this station supports the community with many educational programs for children, young adults, and adults.  They provide the resources to help individuals achieve their full potential from life.

Now if you think about this for a moment.  KQED is trying to get the message out through the media that can help families all over the region become better children, and adults.  If they are successful in just a small scale, then they are successful in a large scale for all in the community.

Why make a KQED Car Donation?

Like all charity and non-profit organizations, KQED needs support from people in order to keep the lights on and the message blaring through the media.  One way that they can take advantage of funds is through a KQED Car Donation.  They outsource there car donation program to a third party who auctions off the car through a charity car auction.  The charity car auction then gives the proceeds to KQED which uses the funds to take care of the administration costs of the media station.

How can I benefit from a KQED Car Donation?

When you donate car to charity, you benefit by receiving a deduction from your taxes in the year you made the donation.  That donation is a minimum of $500 and can go upwards depending on what the car sells for at the charity car auction.

The benefits of a KQED car donation is not only financial but self rewarding too.  You will feel as if you did a good deed for someone else.  Any car donation to this organization will help you connect with the millions of residences in the Northern California area.  All the programs, course, and educational resources will be in part due to your donation.  Isn’t a KQED Car donation rewarding if it was only for this reason.

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