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There are so many non profit organizations in the United States.  Can you think of any that you really agree with their mission?  Maybe you lost a parent due to breast cancer.  Can a breast cancer research center use your donations?  Or maybe you have a family member with Autism.  Do you think an extra $500 will help fund a few autism programs?  Lastly, Are you interested in helping those in Africa.  How far do you think a $1000 donation can go in that country?  Whatever it is, a charitable organization can always use additional funds.  And that is exactly where we come in.

Donate Car to Charity

There are many millions of organizations out there that can use your help.  Of course, cash, stocks, bonds, jewelry, and other valuable things can help in this regard.  But did you know that you can donate car to charity as well as trucks and motorcycles, and it can also provide funds to these organizations.  Yes.  Your junker can help out in this regard to further their research, fund that program, or help feed those in Africa.  We all may not have a few extra thousand dollars lying around for a donation, but we may have an old car that we can use for a donation.

The first thing to do is scope out the right organization that you would like to donate to.  Once you have done this, reach out to them directly and see if they will work directly with you.  If not, then they will pass you on to a third party vendor who specializes in car donation programs through charity motors.  From there it is as easy as schedule (usually it can be in 24hours), pickup, and done.

Yes the process is very simple and easy to complete.  You will only need your title and keys (if you have them.)  They will hand you the donation receipt that you can use on your taxes and you are done.  Wow.  Think of those benefits.  The organization get to use the funds from the sale of the car.  You get the deduction from your taxes and the satisfaction knowing you did your part in helping the world.  And in the end, Donating a Car to Charity is a Win-Win for everyone.

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